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The market leading infrastructure for the submission of cloud-based manuscripts and peer-review monitoring of academic papers, reference works, books and other publications.

MasterEditor (ME) is a dynamic framework for content management that is configured during the peer review process to streamline collaboration between authors, editors and reviewers. Writers apply ME manuscript files and metadata and operate on requests for revisions. The method is used by editors to review submissions, appoint referees, and make/communicate choices to approve, rewrite, pass or reject manuscripts.

MasterEditor is fully merged with the IntegratedVersionController, IntegratedTaskController and IntegratedProductionController providing a complete solution.


HospitalSpine (HS) is a web-based software for hospital administration created using the new technology to handle a hospital's function in a paperless environment. It conveniently incorporates different facets of hospital, such as Patient Registration, OPD, IPD, OPD Pharmacy (Drug Distribution), Buying and Shops, being modular in design. The function is ready to use, making it very suitable for the quickest deployment. Whether it's a major hospital, a small hospital, or a nursing home.

HS is the ideal IT solution for healthcare. A unified archive is used to link patient demographics and medical histories with information on insurance, billing, and incidents. These attributes make this a cutting-edge HS, raising the part of the system from passively capturing data to helping providers with the best patient services efficiently.