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A Hospital Information Framework Web-Based


HospitalSpine (HS) is a web-based software for hospital administration created using the new technology to handle a hospital's function in a paperless environment. It conveniently incorporates different facets of hospital, such as Patient Registration, OPD, IPD, OPD Pharmacy (Drug Distribution), Buying and Shops, being modular in design. The function is ready to use, making it very suitable for the quickest deployment. Whether it's a major hospital, a small hospital, or a nursing home.

HS is the ideal IT solution for healthcare. A unified archive is used to link patient demographics and medical histories with information on insurance, billing, and incidents. These attributes make this a cutting-edge HIS, raising the part of the system from passively capturing data to helping providers with the best patient services efficiently.

HospitalSpine is for all (Small, Medium and Big Hospital):

Health science is no longer confined to only broad suppliers of healthcare. Miracle HIS can also be embraced at a very affordable rate by small hospital set-ups and nursing homes. Don't let the expense of adoption discourage you from implementing the new innovations. Speak to us on how we can help you reach a paperless world in a cost-efficient way.

Cloud based solution:

Our system is completely versatile and can be hosted by or on site by InditeElements, your IT division. It doesn't matter which strategy you choose, you will own the information (Data) regardless of where it is stored.

Benefits for HospitalSpine Users:


Patient Adminstration
Revenue Management
Diagnostic Service Management
OT Management
Materials Management
Pharmacy Management
MIS DASHBOARD for top Management
Software Management
Patient Care / Electronic Medical
Ward Management
Master Health Checkup
Purchase & Supply Management
HospitalSpine Reports

MIS Reports

Ancillary Modules
Human Resource & Payroll Management

Integration with HR& Payroll Management software’s

Interfaces & Integrations