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Solutions to the workflow infrastructure for scholarly publishers


The market leading infrastructure for the submission of cloud-based manuscripts and peer-review monitoring of academic papers, reference works, books and other publications.

MasterEditor (ME) is a dynamic framework for content management that is configured during the peer review process to streamline collaboration between authors, editors and reviewers. Writers apply ME manuscript files and metadata and operate on requests for revisions. The method is used by editors to review submissions, appoint referees, and make/communicate choices to approve, rewrite, pass or reject manuscripts.

MasterEditor is fully merged with the IntegratedVersionController, IntegratedTaskController and IntegratedProductionController providing a complete solution.

IntegratedVersionController (IVC) maintains version of manuscripts by keeping a separate thread for all changes that are made between 2 manuscript save operations. This helps the user to track/back-track and have absolute control over their work. All this is done with encryption and inside database keeping safety and faster processing in mind. Same feature is in place for Reviewers and Board Members to track their comments, remarks and decisions on manuscripts. There is an auto save option which is customizable but has to be turned ON by the user.

IntegratedTaskController (ITC). Acts alongside the MasterEditor to execute activities without disrupting the peer review or development process in the editorial workflow. ITC works smoothly with MasterEditor to allow workflows for ME users for editorial tasks. ITC users can delegate and monitor critical editorial tasks before production and at any point in the editorial workflow, without access to a production monitoring device, for the first time ever. Tasks can be performed in parallel and can only be distributed when necessary.

IntegratedProductionController (IPC) is cloud-based workflow solution for monitoring manuscript output in the industry. Files and metadata are automatically transferred to the IPC for downstream processing upon manuscript approval after the completion of peer review. The highly configurable framework streamlines publishers' output workflow, increases productivity and decreases publishing time.

Benefits for MasterEditor Users: